Event summary and presentation – Follow up on “Thinking fast and slow – How your brain makes decisions”

This month’s event was a huge success. We had over 90 RSVPs and 60 attending!

Thanks everyone for coming by and supporting our acceleration program and the startups that presented.

My presentation (see below) gave a concise and useful list of points to look-out for before you purchase or setup in Thailand.

All the Beautiful Smart People

A warm thanks and big shout-out to the startups that pitched:

As always there are a bunch of photos of all you amazing people – Feel free to tag, share, like, etc…

June event – Vision, Mission and Values – How They Shape Your Brand

Our next event will be on Thursday the 13th of June.

Our speaker will be the lovely Ms. Claire Souchet, MD at LRParis.com.

Claire will explain the importance, why and how of mission, and vision, and how values help shape your brand.

As always we’re looking forward to seeing you!

For early bird registrations – and for 3 minute pitches – please reach out to us via our contact page.

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