Thai Start-ups Need Credibility –
Your Website is the 1st Step

All too often when we look at websites for Thai startups we find that someone has been cutting too many corners, and with that realization we tune out – never to look at the company again.
To me this is really tragic, because it’s really not that hard to have a website makes a reasonable impression, and it’s not even that difficult to have a website that kicks ass…

Here are a few tips to help you gauge if your website passes a sanity check for CREDIBILITY.

Startup Websites Are All About Trust

The cornerstone of any interaction is trust, especially in business, especially in Thailand. Once you lose your trustworthiness, you’ll find yourself losing customers too.

You need credibility to establish a firm reputation, one people believe in enough to trust you with their custom. This is true no matter what your product or service or whether you are a long-established company or an start-up enterprise in Thailand.

Often that trust and credibility is earned with a first impression, a first impression often made through your website. Most people look to a website to judge a business’s virtues, assessing their acumen and ability to meet their needs. So, your website must remove any doubts anyone might have about your business.

What Makes for Trust in Thailand?

Trust is intangible, and many question how you can create it with just words and text. There are a few simple tips that can help you do that – Here are 3 fundamentals to consider if your website ever has a chance at generating any credibility:

1) Honesty and Clarity

While some humor and self-deprecation are great for setting the tone and mood of your brand, don’t be so clever that you confuse your audience.

Visitors to your website should know immediately what you are about and what you want them to do (– buy, sign-up, post, etc.)

No one has the patience to read anymore, and Thai audiences are less fond of reading than most – They’re much likelier to respond well to images and short captions.

Thais probably prefer having the option to read whatever they need to, in Thai.

2) It Needs to WORK

A website that is difficult to navigate conveys a lack of professionalism and foster a lack of trust. Just the opposite from what you’re looking for…

All it takes is one page loading too slow or displaying a 404 Error for visitors to lose faith and go elsewhere.

Speed is a big issue – If you’re able to, you should consider hosting your website in Thailand as this will help with speed issues. Note that hosting in Thailand does open you up to other liabilities. Talk to our friends  at for support.

3) Skill and Craftsmanship

Websites engage us and create an experience – strut your stuff and showcase your skill and creativity by having an AWESOME website. One that really delivers a memorable experience. By virtue of the Halo Effect visitors will think more highly of your business, if they’re impressed by your website. Talk to our friends at – They can support you with amazing website and app design, that is sure to delight your target audience.

Does Your Website Need a Sanity Check?

Your website is where to establish your reputation and credibility.
If you don’t follow these three tips, you may find yourself out of business…. Don’t lose customers and credibility with a less-than-credible website. At Proseed, we’re happy to help you earn and keep that important trust – reach out to us today for an audit of your offering and website!

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