The Copper Age – Again

k. Arthit Prathumpuang – VP at Oriental Copper Co. Ltd
August 24th 2023

Proseed, Bangkok’s friendliest business community, invites you to join our next Networking party this August 24th.


We expect a full house so please reserve your spot –

Tickets will be available for purchase at the door for เธฟ300.

Free entry is offered to students, job-seekers, & anyone donating a laptop or kid’s clothes to Hands Across the Water. For more info head on to Why join?.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Why Copper Will Shape the Future

Our speaker for the evening is k.Arthit Prathumpuang.

K. Arthit is a Ph.D. candidate at Chulalongkorn University’s Technopreneurship and Innovation Management Program. His research interests include:

K. Arthit also serves as Vice President of Oriental Copper Co., Ltd., where he oversees the business development and marketing divisions.

At Proseed k. Arthit will discuss copper’s essential role in electric vehicle batteries, charging infrastructure, and components. As the emergence of EVs rapidly transform transportation, copper enables their efficiency, conductivity, and durability due to its unique properties. But surging EV demand is already straining copper supplies. K. Arthit examines copper’s importance in sustainable transportation’s future and the innovations needed to meet market growth. Feel free to connect with k. Arthit on LinkedIn, and send him your questions prior to his talk.

k. Arthit Prathumpuang โ€“ Vice President at Oriental Copper Co. Ltd

“…The electric vehicle revolution is reshaping the automotive industry, with copper facilitating charging infrastructure, energy storage, and EV production…”

k. Arthit Prathumpuang


As per our tradition we’re allowing 3 startups to pitch the audience for 2 minutes each (up to 3 slides). This is a 1st-come-1st-served opportunity to pitch your idea to our audience. 

This is your opportunity to consider how you measure up – ONLY 2 SLOTS AVAILABLE – reserve your spot:


Our featured charity for the evening will be Hands Across the Water, dedicated to saving Thailand’s most vulnerable children from dangerous environments and to giving a home to those who have no family or known relatives to care for them. With your help, these kids don’t have to go hungry, miss out on education, face the challenges of life on their own or be forced into undesirable employment.


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