Proseed event wrap-up: The “Generations Vs. Gems” Panel – Sponsored by Aia – Apr 25th 2024

Last night we had the pleasure of hosting Proseed’s Generations Vs. Gems panel, which covered how Millennials & Gen Z are changing jewelry, . My heartfelt thanks to our organizers, attendees, & panelists:

A special thanks to moderator, co-organizer and friend Hugh Van Es – Founder and CEO of Proquanet, and formerly the Managing Director for Swarovski Gemstones in Thailandand.


Thanks to the efforts of James Wood, Managing Director at VRG (VR & AI Software Applications), we have the full event video available for your enjoyment:

Discussion Points

1. Embracing Community and Altruism

In a world riddled with challenges like pandemics and social unrest, the importance of community and mutual support has never been clearer. At Proseed we believe businesses can and should incorporate kindness in their daily operations, because it’s THE NATURAL THING TO DO – We’ re an inherently social species and we thrive on helping each other.

Maslow’s revised hierarchy of needs, made it evident that self-actualization is not the peak of human existence; instead, it’s about contributing positively to the lives of others.

Studies, like the one by Dr. Alexander Soutschek from the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and the team at the University of Zurich, which refers to how we optimize decisions for mutual benefit show how our brains reward us for group-oriented decisions, emphasizing our natural inclination towards altruism.

This biological predisposition is not just a feel-good factor but enhances our life quality and longevity. Communities, like Proseed, that focus on supporting each other can significantly boost individual resilience, self-esteem, and overall health, potentially adding years to our lives. These are real-world application of psychological and social principles related to Altruism.

2. The Evolving World of Jewelry

The dynamic world of jewelry is facing generational shifts that are influencing jewelry design and consumer preferences. There’s a strong move towards minimalism and sustainability, with younger consumers favoring ‘quiet luxury’—pieces that are understated yet unique.

This trend is not just about aesthetics but also about ethical considerations, where the origins and manufacturing processes of jewelry pieces are scrutinized.

The rise of lab-grown diamonds is a testament to these changing attitudes, offering a less costly and more environmentally friendly alternative to natural diamonds without sacrificing quality or luxury.

The panel’s discussion touched on how technologies like 3D printing and AI are reshaping manufacturing processes, making them more efficient while preserving the artistry that is core to fine jewelry.

Panelists highlighted that evolving consumer values and the industry’s adaptive strategies are ensuring that jewelry remains innovative and relevant in a rapidly changing world.


For the evening’s photos, see below from Facebook:


For the PDF of the evening’s presentation, including our Open Mic presentations, see below:

Thanks for joining!

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support for the children under the care of In total, THB 3,200 were donated, as well as 2 laptops, 1 tablet, & 1 screen:

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