Proseed event wrap-up: “How to Fail in the Cannabis Business 101” (Nov 24th 2022)

Thanks everyone for yesterday.

Thanks for coming, on a stormy Bangkok night, to support our Benign Business Community.

Being honest, i feel we’ve had better evenings, so i thank you for sticking with us through this one.

Great evening for GIVING!

THANK YOU for helping us support the children in’s care. Last night we raised ฿6,300 in cash, which were additional to four restored laptops that we handed over for the kids’ use.

Why Join Us?

For a while people have asked me “What’s the benefit of becoming a Proseed member?”, and i’ve struggled to provide an articulate answer to that question.

The reason i’ve had a hard time explaining proseed’s benefits, is because i was trying to answer the question from the narrow perspective of tangible, fungible, financial gains.

But that’s not what any of this is about.

The benefits i get from my activities in Proseed are Community & Purpose.

Studies show that membership in a supportive community such as ours promotes the fulfillment of one’s life-goals, and offers a path to Self-Actualization. Altruistic activity boosts Self Esteem (I LOVE making the #Showmethemoney videos 😍), resulting in better confidence and decision-making, more honest and satisfying relationships, and better resilience to stress and setbacks. If that’s not enough, here are some of the direct health benefits, already proven by research:

Doing good for others is key to our wellbeing and success

Proseed is a safe community of entrepreneurs where we follow this practice with like-minded people.- Why wouldn’t you want to join? 😇


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HELLO 2023

Details to be announced…

Until then you’re welcome to join our WEEKLY LUNCHES – Every Friday at 12:30. Location details and invitations are available on our Friends of Proseed Whatsapp group.

Doing good

Proseed is grateful for the opportunity to help Hands Across the Water, a registered charity dedicated to saving Thailand’s most vulnerable children from dangerous environments and to provide a home for those without family or relatives. With your help, these kids don’t have to go hungry, miss out on education, face the challenges of life on their own or be forced into undesirable employment.


Worklounge is a membership which provides you with access to a network of exclusive lounges located in some of the most prestigious hotels in Asia. With your membership you have unlimited lounge access, but can also enjoy a variety of luxurious amenities, exclusive membership benefits and special discounts at our locations. Now exclusively available to Proseed members.

Fabbit is Bangkok’s top Co-working Space & Community-Hub for Engineers, Creators, and Entrepreneurs. Whether you need a quiet desk for a few hours, or a permanent office for your team, Fabbit at Asoke intersection, is the best located office space in Bangkok.

Vimi_logo_tagline is Bangkok’s leading B2B digital agency. Here at Proseed they sponsors one of our Community Resources – A Website Project Brief Template. Get it here.

Are you keen to do business with members of Bangkok’s Benign Business Community

Providing a Sponsored Community Resource like this one is a privilege reserved for Proseed members. Contact us via our “Friends of Proseed” whatsapp group to learn more…

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