Aging Asia – Challenges and Opportunities in Thailand
k. Charkhris Phomyoth – Mar 23rd 2023

Yesterday evening we had another amazing Proseed evening, and had the great opportunity to learn more about how the issue of aging population is being addressed in Thailand – What are the challenges ahead, what steps are being taken to overcome them, and what opportunities can be capitalized as a result.

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It was a great evening – with a strong attendance by women – Which is AMAZING!
I’d like to thank every one of you for joining, even though we had to start 1 hour later than are regular time. Thanks for your support for the children under the care of

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My heartfelt thanks to our amazing speaker k. Charkhris Phomyoth, Founder of Younghappy – Southeast Asia’s largest online senior’s community, and the winner of multiple awards for his work dedicated to improving the quality of life for Thailand’s elderly. Gap discussed the challenges and opportunities arising from the rapidly aging population in Thailand and shared insights into how his company is addressing these issues.

Gap began by saying that the population of Thailand is getting older – By 2040, 30% of the people in Thailand will be over the age of 60. Elderly people in Thailand are exposed to a range of challenges that include: limited access to healthcare, social isolation, and lack of financial security. This poses significant challenges for the country in terms of healthcare, social security, and economic growth. Gap emphasized the need for innovative solutions to address these problems.

Gap shared the story behind the establishment of Younghappy, and the company’s journey toward developing a focus becoming a platform for activities, as a way to tackle the issues of loneliness and boredom affecting elderly urban people in Thailand.

Gap also elaborated on the opportunities presented by the aging population, such as the development of new products and services catering specifically to the elderly, as well as the potential for job creation in sectors such as healthcare and elderly care.

Charkhris Phomyoth CEO & co-founder at
“…Getting older is the only problem we’re all guaranteed to face, assuming we’re lucky enough to live that long…”

Charkhris Phomyoth CEO & co-founder at

Aging Asia

The event presentation, k. Gap’s slides, and the pitches from Noah, Pat & Maya are available below.


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