To thrive on digital platforms, start-ups should leverage old-school marketing tricks.

Start-ups in Bangkok need to master marketing basics

Ever since the first cave-person had a product to sell, there’s been advertising, sales, and marketing. Start-ups are by definition new to market, but they must still reach their customers at the right time and in the right way to create a demand for their product or service. In theory it’s simple:


The digital domain may make it feel like everything is down to algorithms and formulas, but the fundamentals for effective marketing remain the same – Ultimately, people are at the essence of marketing, both in creating and receiving it.


Mobile and social media are key marketing channels for Bangkok start-ups

Embarking on a start-up in Bangkok, or anywhere in the world, today requires facing certain marketing and media realities – social media platforms, especially through mobile devices, are fast-becoming the main method for people, young and old, to access and receive information. Consider:


These facts point the way for start-ups looking to market in Bangkok and Thailand towards mobile and social media, but it’s important to remember – each data point represents people.


As with the marketing basics discussed above, it is people who are turning to mobile devices, preferring social media to traditional marketing channels. So, start-ups must rely on people!


Bangkok start-ups learn more with Proseed!

There are so many resources online to help you learn how to focus your marketing on people, not on platforms, websites, or devices. Here are a few places to check out:

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