Southeast Asia Accelerator Program

PROSEED ASIA is a southeast Asia accelerator program and consultancy nurturing selected budding businesses in ASEAN with friendship, mentoring and access to funding, in order to increase opportunity and promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in the region.


Congratulations on being a startup!

We know it’s amazing to work on cool & innovative ideas that are going to make a difference and change the world.

Maybe your advantage is your technology. Maybe you’re a first mover in your market. Whatever the case, you’re doing something new. Something unique. Something no one has done before.

You deserve the acceleration program that respects your uniqueness

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At the heart of your Proseed acceleration is your Bespoke Acceleration Program (BAP), tailored to address the unique needs of your startup

  • Your BAP includes a schedule of weekly meetings with the Proseed subject matter mentors best suited to provide you with the advice and counseling you need.
  • To ensure you’re making the most of your BAP, and the time you spend with subject matter mentors, you’ll be assigned a Companion Mentor (CP) who’ll help you keep on track and serve as your Proseed coordinator.
  • Typical objectives for your mentorship at Proseed might be:
  • Develop marketing and business strategies.
  • Establish feasibility via financial and corporate planning.
  • Legal and tax consulting.
  • Develop product release plan and test prototypes.
  • Prepare and validate an investor pitch.
  • Upon completion of your BAP your CP will arrange an evaluation during which you will present your investor pitch to a quorum of 10 Proseed mentors.

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  • After successfully completing your BAP and evaluation pitch you’ll be invited to a Proseed pitching dinner during which you will meet a select group of Proseed investors, and receive the opportunity to pitch your startup to them.
  • Proseed dinners are exclusive events – No more than 3 startups are invited to any single dinner.
  • During the dinner you’ll have a full 20 minutes to pitch and conduct Q&A with our investors.
  • Once you secure an investment you’ll assign another 3% of equity to Proseed, as well as 2% of the investment cash, and select 2 Proseed mentors to serve on your startup’s advisory board.

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Guarantee your place

Joining Proseed’s Business Acceleration Network is by invitation only. To learn more about our application process please inquire on our Friends of Proseed Whatsapp group

@proseedasia on Instagram