Follow up on PROSEED’s December 2020 event – Discover the Power of Cognitive Bias + Teaser for our January event – by Ms. Claire Souchet

Thank you so much for joining our December 2020 event and for your valuable insights, contributions and donations. We had a great time – I’m hoping the same is true for you.

For anyone interested in the Feature presentation – “Satan, Santa, Salesfolk, and the Power of Cognitive Dissonance” is available from around minute 7 of the following live stream video, kindly provided by Freedom Films

Check out the video below to see how much was collected for The Man Who Rescues Dogs at the event (It’s a new record for Proseed!)

A special thanks goes to our kind sponsors at Monstar Hub without whom the event wouldn’t have been impossible. Please support their brand by liking and sharing their Facebook page.

All the Beautiful Smart People

A warm thanks and big shout-out to the startups that pitched. To review their decks once more click below:

Here are a few photos from the event – Feel free to head over to our Facebook page and tag yourselves

January event – Ms. Claire Souchet

Claire Souchet
Ms. Claire Souchet – MD at LRparis.com

Our next event will be on Thursday the 14th of January 2021 and our guest speaker will be Ms. Claire Souchet, MD at LRParis.com – Thailand . The title of her presentation is “The Art of Gift Giving and the Science of Reciprocity in Business

As always we’re looking forward to seeing you! For early bird registrations, charities, and 3 minute pitches – please reach out to us here.

End of the Year Charity Drive!

Proseed is launching a new charity initiative.

To celebrate the new year and start it with some good karma we want to give you an opportunity to do a good deed and clear your house of any old laptops you’ve got lying around.

With the kind help of Mr. Shane Torr, MD at tech recruitment specialists GummyBears.tech, we will be formatting these old machines, installing a new operating system on them, and donating them to deserving NGOs.

Contact us via Facebook or call me (Mike) at +66-9-1003-7545 to learn more about this initiative.

Help us do more good

We’re currently looking for a sponsor for our January event, to cover the cost of the pizzas and beers we provide our guests. This usually runs at about THB 8,100.

As you know we require our guests donate THB 100 for every beer they drink, and as you can see above, we donate all that cash to the featured charity for the event. If you feel that gaining exposure to our audience of over 12,000 Thai and Expat business leaders is valuable to you, please consider sponsoring us. For more details please call me (Mike) at +66-9-1003-7545 


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