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Understanding Termsheets for Founders...
Join us for another evening of fun with fellow founders and investors, and hear Mr. Amrish Ritoe share a frank and pragmatic look at why every entrepreneur should understand termsheets
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Bangkok Startups Should Look...
To thrive on digital platforms, start-ups should leverage old-school marketing tricks.
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Creativity is Key for...
Creativity for Dummies - Transcript of the presentation delivered by Ms. Claire Souchet, Creative Director of LRparis.com at Proseedasia, in Monstar Hub, Bangkok / Thailand
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Creativity for Dummies –...
JOIN US AGAIN FOR AN EVENING OF NETWORKING AND FUN! Come hear Ms. Claire Souchet, MD of LRparis.com Asia explaining Creativity for Dummies
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Where Are We GOING?!?...
Start up Stand up Comedy Catastrophes, & Triumphs, in Customer Journeys
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Foreigner Setting Up a...
If you're getting setup advice that seems dodgy, it probably is. Setting up a startup properly in Bangkok is critical for peace of mind, scalability and investment
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Due to the bespoke nature of Proseed acceleration we only work with 5 startups at any given time. To secure your spot please apply below: